Agence nationale pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adults

The National Agency for Adult Vocational Training (AFPA) is a public authority, member of the French employment public service. It is in charge of national and regional public service missions for professional certifications, sectorial skills anticipation and territorial expertise on jobs analysis. It is also the biggest training organisation in France for adults with 110 training centers and 200 locations used to train employees and job seekers. The Afpa group turn over is 750 M€ and 7500 people are working inside: trainers, engineers, consultants, managers and back office staff, including catering and accommodation. Read more 



Endurance works for and with most larger organizations in the sectors of leisure, hotel- and restaurant business. We work in The Netherlands and abroad (EU). Our core business is to help and advice employees and employers to develop themselves and their organisation. We reach our goals with activities as advising, training, education and coaching. In European projects we are mostly involved in projects where VET-related activities are part of the program. We have knowledge on this subject but want to improve ourselves further on in cooperation with international partners. Project results are being shared in our national network to improve the VET-sector in NL.  Read more 


Ente Nazionale ACLI Istruzione Professionale

ENAIP is an Italian network of services for training and employment promotion. As to the inspiring principles and cultural project of ACLI, ENAIP works in the field of education for the integral development of individuals.  Read more



Kis Duna stny. 11
2500 Esztergom

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European Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education

The European Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education (ECLEE) is an independent training, education and research institution specialized in curriculum innovation, continuing education, and workforce development. We bridge the missing links between academia and industry by teaching cultural diversity, leadership, management, people skills, and international business—all while helping our students find their passion, self-confidence, and voice to be tomorrow’s leaders.  Read more


Bat. III
1 Rond point de Flotis
31240 Saint Jean

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Internationaler Bund (IB) Freier Träger der Jugend-, Sozial- und Bildungsarbeit

With almost 14,000 employees, the Internationaler Bund (IB) is one of the large service providers in youth, social and educational work in Europe. Vocational Education Training and Social Affairs are the main issues. The IB has established more than 700 facilities and branches in 300 locations worldwide, helping 350,000 children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens every year with their career and personal planning and offering a wide range of services. It takes also part in international projects and in several partnerships.  Read more


MIMBUS provides and develops innovative tools based on new technologies (virtual and augmented reality, motion tracking, virtual learning) to allow easy and safe hands-on learning. By providing appropriate learning systems, MIMBUS solutions isolate the key issues of practical training and offers a brand new way to improve vocational training. Read more


Paragon Europe is an innovative, international EU affairs, advisory and compliance company with head offices in Malta and Brussels. From its inception, Paragon Europe has striven to realise excellence by competing with cutting edge peers in the ultra-competitive market of EU funding. Paragon Europe aims to realise excellence for its clients in matters linked to social development, education, training and economic development through social and cultural activities, services and products. Read more

Sicurform Italia

Sicurform Italia designs, organizes and delivers training courses aimed at acquiring and developing professional skills. Careful to the training needs of companies, the unemployed, women who want to enter the world of work and the employees who intend to improve their professional skills, it focuses on the implementation of training projects related to qualification and creation of training tools in accordance with the new labor market needs. Read more

Trexima Bratislava

Drobneho 29
844 07 Bratislava

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Unindustria Servizi & Formazione Treviso Pordenone

Unindustria Servizi & Formazione Treviso Pordenone S.c.a.r.l. – UNIS&F – is the training and services branch of the Unione degli Industriali of Treviso, representing over 2300 regional companies. It acts as a single point of reference to optimise the organisation of company business processes and to respond to the training requirements both of companies and their workers through targeted actions, in order to assist companies by offering highly specialised support services; design and manage training courses on all issues of company interest; aid companies in the sourcing of funding for training programmes and consultancy services. Learn more

VCC Foundation

VCC Foundation undertakes and conducts research and development activities within vocational education as well as transferring knowledge and innovation by using intellectual capital resources. Activity of VCC Foundation focuses on theoretical and methodological aspects of continuing vocational education as well as certifying professional qualifications, especially in the informal and non-formal systems. The main objective of VCC Foundation is to observe and analyse trends and changes occurring on the labour market as well as to examine demand for specific professions and competences. VCC Foundation is a promoter of lifelong learning, continuing education and occupational mobility of employees. By organizing consultations, conferences or social debates, it directly develops, promotes and popularizes them. Read more


VDAB – Strong Together for Work

VDAB is the public employment service of Flanders. VDAB mediates between job seekers and employers, with a realistic view of today’s labour market.
VDAB helps jobseekers and employees to develop their own career. We encourage them to maximize their talents and competencies. At the same time, we work intensively with partners and support employers in their search for employees. This opens the road to innovation and sustainable employment. In full confidence.

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