Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo Da Vinci – TOI Transfer of Innovation


Supporting the role of VET professionals to improve the trainees employability

All too often, companies and organisations need employees that possess skills beyond the scope of their occupation-specific expertise, in particular skills such as:

In other words: transversal competences that allow persons to effectively interact within various

work-place settings, as well as deal with diverse social and cultural aspects in today’s ever more changing European labour-market.
Lifelong learning, Vocational Educational Training (VET), its trainers and the VET training systems across the EU have an increasingly important role in providing and teaching these skills and competences. The EU co-funded project ‘TRAINVET4JOBS – Supporting the role of VET professionals to improve the trainees employability’, implemented within the frame of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission, aims at strengthening the capacity of VET trainers and professionals, so they better identify, teach and validate the much needed transversal competences, which will lead and substantially enhance the employability of their trainees.

Coordinator: Cámara Granada, ES


Duration: 01/10/2013 – 30/09/2015