The European Vocational Training Association, EVTA, is a network of European organisations in the field of human capital development (AISBL under the Belgian law). During the years, EVTA has developed into an important actor within the field of European vocational training. Through EVTA its members influence and stay updated on EU-policies and participate in the implementation of European funded projects.

EVTA is one of the largest European networks or communities in vocational education and training. The actors are key players in VET located all over Europe. With its members, EVTA provides answers on current labour market solutions by peer learning, high level debates and projects. The European challenge of achieving social cohesion is essential for EVTA and it requires everyone to have access to good quality vocational training throughout their lives.

EVTA works closely together with EVBB to share experiences and to work on joint activities to make people more employable and to make Lifelong Learning (LLL) a reality.

EVTA has specific expertise in: restructuring process in enterprises, learning outcomes based approaches, workbased learning, internationalisation in VET, mobility, the use and implementation of the European reference tools (ECVET, EQF, EQAVET, EUropass, NFIL)

Project Manager

Giulia Meschino

Mail: giulia.meschino@evta.net
Office:    +32 (0) 2 644 58 91
Mobile:   +32 (0) 479 660 182